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The world’s environmental and social problems are spreading like wildfires, and systemically marginalized communities are most impacted. To achieve transformative and durable solutions, we need to empower the next generation of scientists to speak up. Scientists who share their discoveries in the most compelling ways can change the narrative.

Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University has teamed up with Environmental Health News to form Agents of Change in Environmental Justice.


We’re partnering with communities on the front lines of environmental justice to change the systems that lead to inequity. We do that by training scientists from marginalized communities in storytelling, community engagement, and policy translation. You can help us amplify the voices, stories, and research of our fellows.


Newsflash: Science is personal. The colorful conversations in our biweekly podcast prove it, with stories that include laughter and tears, setbacks and successes. Listen in as our fellows and other environmental justice leaders discuss their unlikely beginnings and promising futures.


You’ve never seen science writing quite like this. Fellows weave their life experiences together with their technical expertise in essays that push back against persistent injustice, advancing environmental justice and equity.

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Maria Jose Talayero Schettino on using her research to advocate for environmental justice in Mexico


How to free ourselves from the scholar-activist dilemma

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Michigan’s thousands of farmworkers are unprotected, poorly paid, uncounted and often exploited

Spotlight: Wellington Onyenwe

“Environmental justice is not a relic of the past, but an enduring battle faced by communities bearing the disproportionate burden of pollution.” – Mustafa Santiago Ali

As an AOCEJ fellow, my approach entails elevating community consciousness through education campaigns while engaging media platforms. Ultimately, this can empower affected communities by actively involving them in decision-making processes, thereby securing sustainable resources for their own initiatives. Forging a collaborative effort grounded in principles of environmental/public health, we can cultivate a sense of stewardship and foster accountability, transcending knowledge, attitudes, and practices across all socio-demographic strata, spanning from the young to the elderly.”

-Wellington Onyenwe, 2024 Fellow

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Fighting for systemic change takes enormous resources. Your donations will help amplify the voices of next generation environmental justice leaders.

Photo credits (top to bottom): Daniel Burke Photo and Video, OreOluwa Badaki, Callum Shaw


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