Fellows weave their life experiences with their scientific expertise in essays that push back against persistent injustice and oppression, and offer paths for institutions and communities to push toward environmental justice and equity.

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Grief is a consequence of the natural cycle of life and death, but it can be exacerbated by negligence and unjust approaches to climate change.

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“The way we as a nation approach affordable housing should begin with centering the people in the homes.”

A grey rat, a common household pest, looks at the camera.

Expensive utilities and pests are deeply intertwined. Why is no one talking about it?

black-dc qa

A Q&A with Black and Latina researchers about health equity research and career advice for early career scientists.

abrania op ed

Large-scale food conglomerates exert outsized influence over what is produced and eaten around the world. So why are they left out of public health research and policy?

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“The environmental justice term didn’t come until later. When the farmworker movement started it was already happening but it’s not what it was called.”


It’s hard to avoid eco-anxiety. But by detoxing our social media feeds and focusing on community, we can all find good news and inspire change.