Nsilo Berry, MS

Nsilo Berry is Health Impact Researcher for Healthy Building Network, where he works to research the health associated outcomes of building products in historically marginalized communities, as well as the environment. Previously, Nsilo worked with nonprofit organizations such as Global Health Brigades and Power-Up Gambia, where he was responsible for sustainable health projects in Central America and Africa. The variety of projects included the construction of sanitation stations in an effort to reduce the transmission of infectious bacteria, as well as the installation of portable solar units for remote health clinics. With educational degrees in Biomedical (B.S.) and Material Science (M.S.) engineering, Nsilo is passionate about leveraging his STEM background in low-income communities in addition to BIPOC ones as well. Recently, Nsilo was accepted into a Doctoral program at the University of College London in the United Kingdom; where he will work towards his DPA in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Public Policy at the start of 2023.



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